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Wonderful product

I really got to enjoy Eya Clean Pro, although on some spots it requires rubbing, it works great on carpets and stains! I have had a wonderful experience so far.

Very effective!

I used on my car seats and it was very effective!


I'm allergic to cleaners with strong scents, so Eya Clean Pro was a great option

One of the best natural cleaners!

I have been using this around my house and it has been great!

I love it!

I order the large kit and I have been enjoying it!

safe for my family and my pet

This cleaner is amazing! Not only is it mostly made from plants, but it also cleans so well. This stuff is more effective than any chemical product I’ve ever used. Safe for my family and my pet family.The BEST cleaner

Perfect for us!

First time buying this product. We love it! It's safe and essentially chemical-free. Works really well too. Perfect for us!


I used it on my mountain bike and it was very effective!

Cleans great!

I love this product. It has no oder, no chemical, which is great. It cleans pretty darn well. I recommend this product for sure.

I ordered the Starter Kit

I just got the starter kit and I loved it! The large bottle was perfect for cleaning windows and my bathroom!

Safe for pets

I have pets at home and needed something that is safe for pets. This cleaner works great!

Best non toxic product

I usually make my own cleaning products but when i don’t have the time to do thst this is the next best thing. Everything from countertops to sink. I highly recommend.

Safe for use around children

If you are looking for a baby-safe cleaner, I HIGHLY recommend the sprays from this brand.
Hope this helps!

No more toxic products

I have never been so pleased with a cleaner, not to mention a natural cleaner, as I am with this. It actually does what it says it will do

Love this product

I don’t usually write reviews but I am a clean freak and I just love this cleaner. shines my counters and stove top!

Five stars!

Excellent every day cleaner


This stuff works so well at cleaning. Great for kitchen, bathroom, countertops, tables, floors and literally everything

Great cleaner

Works great on everything!

The best

I have tried many different products to clean the bathtub and I was not very happy with the result. But after trying eya clean pro the result is shocking! it works amazing!! And I loved that it is organic and has no bleach. Also what is good about it is the versatility, I can clean the whole bathroom with it. I definitely recommend it.

The best!

Cleans very well and doesn’t make my throat itch

Great all purpose cleaner

I seriously love these cleaning products. I use this product in my house on all my surfaces. Its safe for kids. I would highly recommend this product.

Best product!

The best part is it's chemical free. Works really well on all surfaces.


I love it, so easy to use. I enjoy the all natural ingredients and was very happy with how well they clean.

Love this product!!

I love how well this cleans. I’m trying to get rid of harsh chemicals and this was a great replacement as it’s better to have around the house and actually works!


Clean and fresh without the toxic smells!

At Eya Clean Pro, we understand how cleanliness and environmental preservation are intertwined, especially while working towards a future free from toxins. From our very beginning, we've dedicated ourselves to crafting personal and home cleaning products devoid of harmful ingredients, ensuring both short-term and long-term safety.

At Eya Clean Pro, we see ourselves as more than just a cleaning solution provider. We're a trusted partner in shaping a cleaner, healthier future for everyone. As we expand our global presence, our commitment to our customers' well-being and the environmental impact of our products remains unwavering. When you choose Eya Clean Pro, you're choosing a champion of pristine cleanliness, health safety, and environmental preservation.

Experience the refreshing power of nature with our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Eya Clean Pro is a general purpose cleaner infused with the invigorating essence of lemon oil and the nourishing properties of coconut oil, alongside a blend of all-natural ingredients. Embrace a cleaner home and lifestyle, while contributing to a healthier planet with our eco-friendly and highly effective cleaning products.